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October 2015

Deer Mingling With Humans In The Maine Woods

In mid December, with the blistering cold weather, resources of food to feed the deer are scarce because everything is covered with snow. Continue reading “Deer Mingling With Humans In The Maine Woods”


Down And Out of Syria 

It all started with a small uprising against the political power in Syria, started by a few high school aged boys, which ended in extreme violence against the boys by law enforcement. The protesters were captured and tortured, many were killed, for simply opposing their autocracy. Continue reading “Down And Out of Syria “

Haunted places in Maine

Halloween is coming soon bub so you might wanna check out these wicked haunted spots. Continue reading “Haunted places in Maine”

Are you Actually Listening?

Joshua Guthrie
Joshua Guthrie

It seems that now a days many teens listen to songs simply because it has a good beat or you can dance to it. How often do you actually listen to the lyrics in the song?

Continue reading “Are you Actually Listening?”

Hurricane Patrica Strikes Mexican Coast

Hurricane Patricia is the largest recorded wester hemisphere hurricane ever recorded, advancing from a tropical storm to a hurricane with winds over two hundred miles per hour in less than a day. Continue reading “Hurricane Patrica Strikes Mexican Coast”

“To Protect and Serve”

Photo found here
Photo found here
Recently in South Carolina, a police officer was called into a classroom when a disruptive student was being noncompliant. Continue reading ““To Protect and Serve””

Fall Foliage Attracts Tourists to Maine Woods

With the fall upon us and the end of October is near Halloween is just days away. The air is getting colder, the apples ripen, hunters get anxious for deer season, the day’s shorten but most of all the trees are doing something wonderful. Continue reading “Fall Foliage Attracts Tourists to Maine Woods”

Apple Crisp

Fall season is Apple season so what a perfect time to fill your home with the sweet scent of savory Apple Crisp. Continue reading “Apple Crisp”

Royals Look to Complete Unfinished Business,While Mets Look for First Title in 29 Years

After a rollercoaster of a postseason, it has finally come down to the best team in the AL and the NL, the Royals and the Mets. Continue reading “Royals Look to Complete Unfinished Business,While Mets Look for First Title in 29 Years”

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