Since the debut in 2001 Shrek has had four different movie sequels, and several spinoffs, but now Foxcroft Academy now offers its performance of Disney’s Shrek: The Musical, with the same memorable characters that everyone knows.

From left: Angelina Buzzeli,  Josh Whittimore, Alyssa Pearl-Ross.
From left: Angelina Buzzeli,
Josh Whittimore, Alyssa Pearl-Ross.

This interpretation features students from every class in these leading roles, even featuring two freshmen as the two key protagonists, Josh Whittimore as Shrek and Hannah Poland as Ogre Fiona. The new talents here at Foxcroft Academy is ready to replace the old, the underclassmen rivalling the upperclassmen in both acting and musical talent. According to Berk Tezguler, a Senior playing Lord Farquad, the antagonist, the experience of working with such a diverse group is “Truly invigorating”. Of course, not all the lead parts are new to to spotlight, such as Angelina Buzzelli, who has had four years up on the FA stage.
Some of the cast had mentioned that the musical had taken some serious hits to its man power because of the ‘cheesy’ aspect of Shrek: The Musical, despite this, the enthusiasm of the actors and actresses has not been lessened. Josh Whittimore, playing Shrek, says that “so at first I thought the idea of Shrek: The Musical was stupid” “but I gave it a shot, and now I’m Shrek”. In other words, don’t let that cheesy feeling pull you away from a great show, with a wonderful cast of diverse students, both in classes and even nationalities.
Besides the talent, both new and old, and regardless of the cheesy qualities of Shrek, the FA musical has always brought a good laugh to many people from across the county. The age old Foxcroft academy tradition of a fall musical goes back decades, but this program needs support, and it can’t continue without a good audience. Senior Sam Lunn reminds everyone “You have to see it”. Join the cast for a funny and memorable show in the Foxcroft Academy gymnasium for the sure hit, Shrek: The Musical, the 13th and 14th of November.