Syria is small in population but abundant in resources. Recognized as a major oil exporter in the Middle East, oil exports pillar its fiscal revenue. Capitalist countries in the west, with the United States as the representative, have coveted its rich resources for a long time. The conflict between the opposition and the government in Syria today is an opportunity once in a lifetime for the western countries. Capitalist countries, led by the United States, intend to have further access to its oil and other resources by way of controlling the regime in Syria.

The warfare gives rise to the great number of Syrian refugees. 200,000 Syrian refugees living in Jordan were informed via mobile phone text message that their food aid from the United Nations, on which they depend to survive, has been cut off. As early as last summer, the World Food Programme (WFP) had warned that they were out at elbows as a result of shortage of funds so they had to cut off the food aid.
The death toll in Syria has exceeded 240,000. Approximately 2,000 Syrian people drowned in the Mediterranean in their escape to Europe. Moreover, 4 million Syrian people have escaped abroad and there are 7.6 million people homeless in Syria. There seems no end in the war. The inhuman acts of jihadists in murder, torture, sexual slavery, sexual violence and forcing civilians to be displaced are just a part of their extensive attack on civilians”. In October last year, expect for those the most in need of humanitarian aid, Lebanon blocked its border against the rest of the refugees. There is only one destination for the Syrian people after their left their motherland – Germany. What the refugees must face is not only employment discrimination but also racial violence. The right wing in Germany resents the outsiders because they believe the outsiders compete for job opportunities and they are the burden of the society.

 Photos take from “”, it shows a three years old kids dead during he and his family trying smuggling

Therefore, Syrian refugees now are in a very poor situation. They lost their home and families and they have to bear the discrimination. From another point of view, however, should they be accepted by Europe and European?

The recent news is all about the conflicts between the refugees and the Europeans. It was not long before when it was reported that there were refugees who raped by turns the volunteers helping them, which had aroused resentment among people.

Because most Syrian people are Muslim, it is understandable that their faith is highly contradictory with the European people who believe in Christianity. There are people who even turn from the guest into the host and asked for an autonomous area.
I am not in a position to say if it is right or wrong that the European people help the Syrian refugees, but I think it would be necessary for the Europeans to reflect on the pros and cons of taking in the Syrian refugees.