Why is Sunday hunting illegal in Maine? How does the average outdoorsmen prefer to spend his time? Of course it’s in the woods, but in the state of Maine the average working outdoors men’s time is cut short. There is a law in the state of Maine prohibiting the harvest of any animal on Sunday. Sunday hunting was banned in Maine on February 28, 1883, and being such an old law I feel that it is time for change. Out of the 50 sates in the United States of America only six states continue to ban Sunday hunting, they are as follows Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, New Jersey, North Carolina and West Virginia. As you may notice these states are all located on the east coast. These laws still exist today due to the “blue laws” that restrict certain activities due to religious views some of the blue laws that were changed were shopping on a Sunday.
Not to mention that prohibiting could possibly be hindering the pursuit of happiness for most Hunter’s. A hunter loves being in the woods seeing the beautiful landscape and enjoying what the creator has provided for us and what better way to acknowledge him and feel connected than to be within the beauty that he put down on earth with us.
The hunting industry pulls in billions from gun sales to Hunter’s orange underwear the hunting industry contributes in a huge way to the state of Maine in the northern part of Maine you’re either a hunting guide or a forester and most of the industry is bear hunting moose hunting and grouse. When you think of Maine you think of hunting so why would hunting in the state of Maine be illegal.
There are so many other states that have decided that it was ok to hunt on Sunday and why wouldn’t Maine jump on that band wagon and legalize it. We have Hunter’s who work everyday of the week except for the weekend and if you take away Sunday you are taking away half of that man or women’s hunting opportunities. If someone like that relies on a deer to help support their family, the state of Maine is literally taking food out from that family’s mouth by not allowing Sunday hunting.
If not allow it during the regular season hunting they should expand the youth day to include Sunday there are students that play a sport and have home work. By not allowing Sunday hunting you are giving these kids a highly unlikely chance of tagging their desired game animal. I know that give no a kid a chance to hunt they will take it. Hunting is an activity that can better them as a person and have a value for life by seeing life extinguished In front of them.
Question is why is the state of Maine not allowing hunting and holding on to a law that was created in 1883? And giving Hunter’s a disadvantage hunting is a tough sport and you’re already set up for failure so why is the state of Maine making sure that you fail?