On Saturday October 24th, members of Key Club from Foxcroft Academy are raising money for a local family. The family has just recently lost their barn in a fire and lost all of their animals and all of their farming equipment. “Welcome To Our Home” is the fundraiser that key club is hosting. Everybody who wants to help is welcome to come. There is a minimum donation of 20 dollars. Whatever the amount is that key club will raise, the Headmaster of Foxcroft Academy will match it. People also can bring canned food and clothing for food cupboard and donations. The event starts at 6 p.m. and goes until 12 a.m. Once you get there nobody is allowed to leave until it’s over. When people come, they may bring a cardboard box or a sleeping bag to sit on. Once everybody is here, they are able to hangout with friends or meet new people and have a good time while doing so. Soup will be served at 10 p.m.