Monday night football on October 19th featured the New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts. Previously these two teams met in the playoffs when the Patriots made their Super Bowl run in 2014. After this game played in the playoffs there was controversy about the inflation psi of the Patriots football’s. The Colts lost 42 to 7 in a humiliating loss the end of their season. Many of the players and fans of the Indianapolis Colts where upset to find many of the balls on the Patriots sideline had been deflated. In an effort to enhance the passing capabilities for the Patriots, they were thought to have cheated the rules of the NFL.

In an effort to get revenge on the New England Patriots, the Colts started their star quarterback Andrew Luck with the questionable injury. They decided to start him to give them the best chance of success in this rematch. Early in the game the Patriots went up by several touchdowns at the half. Wait in the third quarter came and interesting situation. The Colts came up short on third down with 3 yards to go on fourth down. Barely in the Patriots territory near midfield they chose not to punt but instead using adjusting formation to secure the first down, or so they thought.

The Colts came out to formation, on fourth down, with the starting line and two running back’s on the sideline. Their center and starting defense of safety were lined up on the ball by themselves. With the safety acting as quarterback the Colts intended on throwing the Patriots offsides, but instead had one of the worst plays in NFL history. In this formation the Colts intended on getting the Patriots to go for the bubble screen fake passing the ball to one of the running back behind the lineman on the right. Which in Siri will draw more attention to the running backs rather than the quarterback and center lined up separately. There was some miss communication and the center instead of going on 2, went on the first count snapping the ball to the safety who is immediately tackled by patriots defensive players. There was no fake there was no offsides by the Patriots, instead the Colts were penalized with an illegal formation and were sack behind a line of scrimmage for a total loss of 12 yards. Instead of a play being drawn up for fourth and three, The Colts wound up fourth and 12 with one of the stupidest NFL play executions of all time. this infamous play will never be forgotten and the Colts will not get their revenge on the Patriots.

Picture By Arnie Stapleton; Portland Press Herald