I had interview with Yang, who is an ap art student in FA. and I found that she drew girls for her class, so I asked her why she drew her pictures and ask about her materials that she used.

My first art work is a portrait of a model, and it focused on the element of mixed media. I used three different media sin this art piece: watercolor, acrylic, and oil color pencil. Basically, I use watercolor to paint the most parts of model, and use acrylic to delineate the flowers which could be considered as the model’s hair decorations. And I also use oil painting to outline the details like eyelashes, hair, and eyebrows. Since I want to show the emotional expression of the model in this art work, I tend to use glow to make the portrait looks more vivid.
My second art work is focused on complimentary colors, basically green and red. The style of this artwork can be either considered as portrait or an animation. The contrast of red and green makes the subject stands out. For materials, I used markers and pen. So this art piece can also be considered as mixed media. I outline the subject with pen, and then colored the hair, the diamonds, and the fragments of the diamonds with mainly markers. Since I wanted to make the subject stands out, but the colors do not very strong, I used oil color pencil to paint and shadow it as well.image