Yu yang, the Chinese girl who born in August 27, 1997, showed her talent and enthusiasm to the art in the paintings and photographs. Yang was from a northern city, Harbin, where she had been studied art in there for four years. She used to study Animation Graphic Design in art academy. And she knew the field of photography very early since her cousin is a photographer. By practicing art day and days, Yang used to win regional art competitors for first place.From Yang Yu
In the interview, she told me that when she first time started art work was in her middle school. And then when I ask why she chose art as a hobby, she said that the art brings delightful inspirations to her. She showed me her recent art work soon after, which painting got the inspiration from William Shakespeare’s book Hamlet.From Yang YuEvery people in the book had different characteristics, for example, the power and pride, which also were designed in the first part in the painting. The second part which is the skull in the middle mean greedy and melancholy and the third part was represented reticent and tragic. From Yang YuYang used markers drew this art work, black and white color made the drawing clear and concise. When the painting seems tanglesome and horrific, represented the thesis of darkness of humannature.

At the end of the interview, Yang adduced a quotation from Paul Strand “The artist’s world is limitless. It can be found anywhere, far from where he lives or a few feet away. It is always on his doorsteps.”