It all started with a small uprising against the political power in Syria, started by a few high school aged boys, which ended in extreme violence against the boys by law enforcement. The protesters were captured and tortured, many were killed, for simply opposing their autocracy. Enraged by the brutal treatment, protests broke out in waves throughout cities and towns. Soon the whole country was engulfed in violent chaos between loyal government supporters and protesters. A revolution was in the making, in late 2011. In the beginning, the protesters were peaceful, with the intent of gaining more civil freedom. When violence started, a revolution began, and the protesters began to fight to get their leader to resign from his office.
Throughout history, during times of revolt, the chaos going on allows other forms of chaos to form. In Syria’s case, amongst the poor state of their country, IS, a terrorist group found it the opportune time to take over and add to the pandemonium. The group’s biggest influence, Jihadism is based of a strong belief of corrupt idealism from early Islamic religion with tactics derived from Al-Qaeda. The jihadists are an extremist group, not to be mistaken for a religious group, or the Islamic religion itself. Their goal is to enforce their beliefs with extreme control through violence. IMG_3355

Syrians were fighting for freedom, while not just their own government fought against them, but then a terrorist group on top of that. In 2014, IS began invading large areas of Syria. Inhabitants of the areas invaded were to no longer be concerned with having a more contemporary freedom, but simply the freedom of life. IS’s biggest tactics are torturing and killing those who simply don’t conform to their beliefs. Things were only to get worse in Syria, chemical weapons were being used on innocent residents. That is when many Syrians began to flee the war torn country. Thousands of refugees have flooded the shores of Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, as well as all around the world in hopes of escape.
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