” The Walking Dead ” is a zombie comic which is issued by famous comic company IMAGE in October 2003. The original artist is Toni Moore, but in seven volumes after she was replaced by Charlie Arad. Also, “The Walking Dead” is an AMC TV series. On October 31, 2010 in AMC cable TV network for broadcasting, it became the first authentic zombie TV series.

The story is mainly about the hero, Rick, who is a deputy chief in a small town in Atlanta. In the process of performing official duties, Rick is shot and seriously wounded and rushed to a local hospital for emergency treatment. When Rick wakes up, the world is full of zombies.
Currently the TV series is in the sixth season in the third episode, in the case of the first and second episode has been well received, the third episode expectations, continue to attract many fans in a fast-paced and ends in suspense.

In fact, the 3 episodes and 2 episodes have played the same role, to reduce the team’s weak combat power rapidly, in order to determine the basic figures of the new team in a short time.

The key is – Glen, he is a very important role in the comics and TV series.

Glen is an Asian young man. He was an unimpressive pizza delivery man, with a huge debt, and Glen joined the group of survivors in the city of Atlanta, and often ventured into the city to search for useful materials. With a smart mind and agility, he gradually became the person in charge of the whole group of supplies, and again and again on the tip of adventure, he becomes the danger and death insensitive. In comic 100th, Glen was murder by Negan who is the “Salvation Army” leader.

o from “the walking dead” comic

However, there is still a lot of difference between the TV series and the comic, for example, in the TV series Darryl who has a super high popularity but he is not exist in the comic,,Andrea has been alive and is an important part in the comic, Carol has long been committed suicide, Sophia has been alive, in TV series the sixth season of the third set, Glen and Nicholas were attacked by zombies together, Nicholas was suicide, implicated Glen, and show the lens which the internal organs were pulled out .

But it is not sure that the internal organs were belong to Glen or Nicholas, while the Nicholas ‘s body was on the top of Glen, Nicholas’s body was eaten by the zombie, and then fall place alongside has a trash can, that had to let us guessing whether Glen under fled to the trash can, But on the other hand, When the Glen and the leading role Rick were communicating, who using-dumbass to call Rick which be used in the first season, shad to let us think that is a farewell or not.

Photo from “the walking dead ” tv show

So far everything is still unknown, specific what will also expect TV series, the death of Glen can not be changed, is he really dead in TV? while put your attention on the TV series.