imageAmazing! That’s what fall looks like in Maine. Between the crisp air of the autumn air or watching the leaves change color and exporting themselves from the resting trees. It is also the end of the outside sport season for the school systems. Fall has some incredible features like being able to dress in sweaters and sit by the fire with family and friends. This season also has some bad features like when it gets to the end of the season a new season starts and that season is called winter. When the leaves start to drop most adventurous people like to be in woods or just outside period to take in the fall foliage and the smell of the rotting leaves on the ground. If you ever just go up on a high hill in fall and look over the area around you, you will probably be blown away with how fantastic the trees look. This season allows for people to express the true monster or beautiful being inside them, this is called Halloween.

Around the end of October there is an event called fright at the fort which takes place at Fort Kent,Bucksport. The fright at the fort is said to be one of the scariest haunted houses in Maine. If you where looking to go to fright at the fort the admission fee is only $10. Fright at the fort is at 5:30-9pm on Friday and Saturday (30th-31st). There is also many other different haunted houses/hay rides, if you are interested in either of them visit for more information about them.image

Most people might think that fall is boring but here In Maine we have had plenty of different events that happening . One of the most important things that us Mainers come upon in the fall months is hunting season. The enjoyment of being out in nature and having the amazing experience of making a kill of the animal and then bringing the meat home and feeding either your household or a household in need.

In upcoming November there is plenty to do for many different type of people. For example on November 1st we set the clocks back 1 hour. On November 3rd the is a referendum election taking place. There is a lot of different decorations around the state of Maine during the fall season. At the start of fall which is in October, people start putting up different types of spooky things for the end of October which is Halloween. There is also another holiday called thanksgiving and that comes around the end of November. People usually incorporate the fall foliage and the festivities into that holiday. Thanksgiving supposed to be about family and friends getting together sharing food that they had harvested at the beginning of fall and making a big feasts. At the very end of November you will notice that most people will have there Christmas lights around the house and reefs on the doors. I guess we like to get the seasons started a little early up in Maine.