Chun kyung-ja is the most famous painter in Korea, and she passed away in August 2015 at the age of 91. She was born in 1924, in Korea, she is one of the most important female painter in modern art history in Korea. IMG_1944

She is known for drawing female figures and flowers, She drew a dreamlike lyrical in intense color a beautiful woman and plant. Her art works inspired many people in Korea. She looked back her one’s youth that she used to live in countury side that had ocean and beautiful nature, she said it inspired her.

But in 1991, she quit the stage of painting in 1991 because one of her art piece became embroiled in a forgery scandal. She demanded that her drawing, “Beautiful Woman,” on exhibit at the National Museum of Modern Contemporary Art, Korea, is a mocked, but the museum claimed that it is an original drawing. She kept claims that it is not her drawing, but no one trusted her, and she said  that “Parents can recognize one’s child. That is not my painting.”

Several years later, she donated 93 of her works to the Seoul museum, and left Korea. Because many people in Korea pointed the finger at her that she couldn’t even recognizes her drawing. She stayed in the U.S untill she die.

After she passed away. This forgery scandal had been about twenty-three years but it have been circulating again after she died. People still tried to find out what is truth of this scandal.