China, an old country in the east land, which have rich natural resources and the most population in the world. The rich natural resources looks like will be the biggest advantage for this country, but the large population resources storage to this land. In this case, the government thought it’s necessary to control the population. So in the late 1970s, Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping said that “the fruits of economic growth are not devoured by population growth.” Since then, the one -child policy became a formal law in China.
This policy was labelled a big step in the development of better communist society.

Although in Chinese rural area still have a very unprogressive tradition, which they thought only the sons could be recognized the heres of carrying of their families, in those cases, people would stop add new numbers to their families until they have a son. Under this condition, government started to give punishment to the couples who breaching the one-child policy. This behavior looked very effective, but it arouse indignation of citizen rights protectors.

Under government’s control, the precent of births in China for each year were slow down. Although the birth rate still didn’t get higher, that meant in all the new births there were always many babies die in each years.
After around 40 years, China started eased some restrictions in the one-child policy in 2013, allowing couples to have two children if one of the spouses was an only child. But unexpectedly, many young couples gave up their chances to have second child, because there is a heavy pressure to raise a child, education, medical and other factories hinted new parents about the necessary of patient and money. Young women also prefer to develop their enterprise than have a baby. http://chinaschildren.tumblr.comAs the time goes on, people are living longer. Now, in China, about 10 percent of the population is 65 or older, and according to earlier estimates, that proportion is likely to reach 15 percent by 2027 and 20 percent by 2035. Meanwhile, Chinese aging population peak is coming and probably will become another big problem in the future.

Driven by the aging population could endangered Chinese economic ascent, the Chinese government ended one-child policy on Thursday and announced that every couples can have second child.
At present, China is facing many new problems, will the birth rate rise up? Does the country have enough money to support the medical and education of new borns? Chinese authorities have new problems to work on, at least, they returned the reproductive rights to their citizens, which meant they have taken the first step. All people are focusing on how they deal with those new questions, now.