The Foxcroft Ponies traveled to Madison last Saturday to play the number 4 seed Bulldogs with the end of the losing team’s season on the line. Tensions and emotions were high and electric. In the first quarter both teams were evenly matched and Madison got ahead by a 98 yard return by Nick Morales. The touchdown was followed up by a successful point after touchdown.

The Ponies returned the ball, and had a powerful drive, yet to score until the second quarter. On the 8 yard line sophomore quarterback, Nick Clawson handed the ball to Billy Brock for a successful touchdown. Nathaniel Church’s kick was successful too. After Brock’s touchdown both teams seamed to be in a stale mate until halftime.
The Bulldogs kicked off to the Ponies to open the 3rd quarter. Senior, Zach Caron returned the kick to the Bulldogs 44 yard line. The Ponies drove down the field with multiple gives to Caron. Clawson gave Brock the ball on the 4 yard line for another touchdown, Church’s kick was successful also. This put the ponies up 14-7.
As the clock winded down both teams were running up and down the field but stayed scoreless until the Bulldogs ran the ball to the 4 yard line with 1 minute left in the game. Madison’s quarterback, Chase Malloy ran the ball in for the touchdown, with a successful point after touchdown to tie the game up.

After the time expired both teams were tied 14-14, this meant overtime. In overtime both teams will get the ball at the 10 yard line, to have the opportunity to score with in 4 attempts. Ponies got the ball first, and with in 2 plays they score. This time it was Zach Caron to score the winning touchdown. Madison was unsuccessful to score. Ponies won 21-14.


Zach Caron- 22 carries for 96 yards
Brandon Brock- 9 carries for 44 yards
Billy Brock- 10 carries for 54 yards

Photos by Emily Sprecher