Screen capture of ISIS video
Screen capture of ISIS video

Recently over the Sinai Peninsula, a Russian commercial airliner crashed for an unknown reason, shorty after, ISIS released a video of the plane exploding midair, taking credit for the disaster and the 224 lives claimed by the catastrophe.
In recent times ISIS, or ISIL has become an extremely dangerous and brutal enemy, with their beheadings and other violent acts, they have become similar to a much older organisation, known as the Black Hand. In 1914 the Black Hand assassinated archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary, one of the biggest allies of the Ottoman Empire, in an effort to untie Serbia and free it from the rule of Austria-Hungary. This event descended Europe into what would be known as the First World War.
Both ISIS and the Black Hand are brutal and chaotic organisations, bringing violence to a relatively peaceful time. The Balkans, the central area of the Black Hand and the Middle East, the main ISIS front, are both very similar as of 1914, these two organisations believe that the monarchs or the current occupants of their lands were not fit to rule, so they set to do something about it. ISIS is trying to irradiate everyone who isn’t ISIS, and bring the world under Sharia law, while the Black Hand was upset about the ruling European powers, and set to change those ruling powers.
With the chaos in the Middle East, the migrant crisis and the tensions with Russia, 2015 is staring to look more and more like 1914, and the beginning of a new war. One of the most sure signs of war is the massive influx of refugees, which Europe most certainly has. Another major step towards war was the call for jihad by the Ottoman Empire. Shortly before Germany declared war on mostly everyone, the Ottomans declared a holy war on the western powers, France, England etc., and ISIS is most certainly at war with the west.
From the events going on in our world, it would certainly seem that war is inevitable, something big is happening, something very big. If ISIS continues their path of destruction, U.S officials predict that attacks all throughout the Middle East will be carried out, and eventually even attacks in the most remote of places, such as Australia or Iceland. Also predicted is the alliance of other organisations to ISIS, such as Boko Haram, whose leader pledged loyalty to ISIS in March, other such organisations are predicted to fall into ranks with ISIS in the coming months.