As hunting season has come along again, we have noticed more women have taken a strong interests in this out door activity. The percentage of women that go hunting nation wide has spiked from 8.1 percent back in 2005 all the way up to 12.4 percent in 2014 and is very likely to keep rising. In Maine 196,100 residents bought hunting licenses and about 24,000 of them were bought by woman back in 2013. Compared to back in the 1960s and 1970s when men were considered to be the stole hunter and provider of the household. Back in that time woman had to stay at home and take care of the kids and the household, boys has times changed.image A woman named Eva Shockley travels around the world to go on hunts. She has been hunting since she was a little girl, and was taught mostly everything by her father. Eva loves to track and field dress the animals that’s she is hunting. The biggest animal that she had ever shot was a 510 pound black bear. But even though Eva was proud about the bear that she shot, it didn’t come without its criticism. A little while after she had shot the bear, she posted a picture of her and the bear on social media. She later received a bunch of death threats.
Another woman that is an abide hunter and is known across the nation is Nichole Jones. She was an average girly girl in high school with playing softball and doing cheering, but when she got home it was a different story.when she a young girl her father had let her take every Friday off from school when it was shotgun season. When she was a sophomore she had shot her first deer with her bow and arrow.image Another well known woman in the hunting society is Julie Kreuter. She had shot her first muzzle loader buck in Nabraska. She had shot the 180-inch mule deer buck from about 50 yards away.
When the pressure of getting a deer or any animal for that matter it can distract that person from the true beauty and meaning of hunting. Hunting is not supposed to be all about people being competitive in getting the biggest deer/other animal it is supposed to be about people appreciating the meat that they get from that animal to feed there families.