The Paris attacked on Friday 13 November by IS.  The terrorist attacked in the French capital. It left 129 dead and more than 350 woundedTherefore, the Louvre museum closed few days for people’s safety, because museum could be a target place, Fleur Pellerin, othe minister of culture, indicated the signifiance of culture as a “symbolic place of discovery…and exchange” in the wake of Nov15)julien972x972the attacks at the Bataclan concert venue and the Stade de France stadium, among other locations. “These attacks targeted places of entertainment, togetherness and leisure,”   The French ministry of culture announced that the city’s cultural institutions, which were closed over the weekend, would be open again from 1pm. So today (16th) the museum reopend with calm atomosphere.  For this terror, many people died and injured, I hope this kind of situation never happen again.