Starting my freshman year the cheer team was something new to me but something not looked highly upon by other teams. Slowly the team grew in numbers and by strength. The team bonded and worked harder then ever. The spirit grew and so did the excitement. My sophomore year we blew the school away at homecoming with a new routine never done before by the Foxcroft Academy Cheer team. Then competition came along and we rose to the top and placed much high in the Regional competition. Slowly we gained more and more loyal team players and this year we are bigger then ever, with two boys and almost 20 girls. We are at the top of our game with stunting and tumbling.  
For those who are not even sure what cheer is, its an amazing experience. Constantly working on technique, skill, and strength, Cheering is an altogether amazing sport. The stamina it takes to constantly keep moving for almost three minutes while having perfect skill is hard. From stunting, dancing, tumbling, jumping, more stunting, more tumbling, and even more dancing everything is a move. Every second of the routine you are doing something, there is never a dull moment. Not to mention the feeling after performing and hitting your routine, as explained in Haily Fortiers article, Working hard for something we believe in, the feeling is something monumental. Cheering is dedication, after putting the routine together everybody is a key element, without one person the whole routine could be set off. Join today, if you think you can take it.

For more examples of extreme cheering click here for a video of Allstar team Top gun 2015 routine at worlds. These Allstar teams are made up of high schoolers.