At 7:30 p.m. In the gym of Foxcroft Academy, a mysterious journey started over there. “Once upon a time, there was a little ogre named Shrek…” And thus begins the tale of a ugly ogre who used to be a lone geeker until he met a garrulous Donkey and a passionate princess. The musical drama was an adaptation of the animated movie Shrek. musical was leaded by FA music teacher Josh Guthrie. And in the musical, freshman Josh Whittemore played Shrek, sophomore Alyssa Pearl-Ross was Donkey, and seniors Berk Tezgular and Angelina Buzzelli showed as Lord Farquuad and Princess Fiona. The actors’ excellent skills and vivid plots attracted all attention from the audience. Bursts of laughter and applause kept floating out from the gym.
imageThe show got support from several school organizations, for example, the slates in the background were painted by FA Art Club. There were more than 30 FA students involved in the musical performance group. The stage properties also showed the musical was in a good quality. The irritable dragon, beautiful clothes, smoke, light and stage settings, every details showed how circumspect the performance group were.

All actors and designers were approved by the audience and teachers. imageSaid Guthrie to the codirecter, senior Mitchell Chasse, “He is the main choreographer, assists with the costumes, and even acts a part.”

The musical Shrek had a resoundingly successful in FA. And it’s also a big step for performance group. Hope they can get another victory in their next show.