With the combination of peak rut coming to an end missed opportunities and lack of time in the woods most student hunters who haven’t tagged a deer will most likely keep it that way. Missed opportunities to tag in a deer will haunt some people as the season begins to slow down. The first deer you kill will most likely stay in your memories forever but the first time you miss a deer will haunt your dreams especially if it could have been that first deer that you would have ever harvested. We asked a few unlucky Hunter’s how it feels to have their first deer kill slip right through their hands.

Abraham Simpson was one of the unlucky hunters this year. ” It all happened so fast seeing the deer from a trail, I was in such a rush never even seeing a buck while it was hunting season, especially with a rifle I jumped out of the car and walked down to where the deer was and saw him 45 yards away I pulled up my .270 savage and put the cross hairs on him and as soon as I did that he bolted I fired and to my disgust the bullet struck a nearby tree. I followed that deer for as long as my leg would let me, I had to call off the search for the deer it was devastating. I was disappointed in myself the circumstances and just all around my bad luck”

While Abe had misfortune of missing a deer well into the season Hyatt Smith caught buck fever while staring out into a field of deer.” It was one followed by another after another I never seen so many deer in a field at the same time I watched them and as they moved closer and closer I could feel my heart beat faster and faster and as I put the iron sight up on them with my 30-30, buck fever sank in. I was shaking so badly and I couldn’t control it I chose one of the does that seemed like an easy shot I put up the sight and let a bullet fly, I was so sure that I hit it but after a long search for blood and hair we determined that it was a clean miss. I messed up what could have been my first deer.”

With all of the misses this season and missed opportunities these hunter’s will most likely have a hard time filling their tag with peak rut coming to an end the bucks will have to move from their regular routines making them more unpredictable and harder to hunt. I guess that’s why it’s called hunting you’re never guaranteed anything while your out there in the woods.