The air raid in Paris a few days ago attracted people’s attention again to the ISIS, and there are further rumors that the ISIS has sent trained soldiers lurking in fourteen states of the United States. Along with the events that an armory in Boston was stolen a few days ago and Harvard University was threatened by bombs, people couldn’t help feeling terrified. However, from another perspective, why does the ISIS have such a substantial amount of money to construct this horrific organization

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According to a report, the working capital of the ISIS has already reached staggeringly two billion dollars a year, but where does the money come from? Early this year, the ISIS has further strengthened its control to cultural relics in the ancient city of Palmyra and other places, which shows that the organization relies more and more on looting antiquities to collect money. Previously, the main sources of capital of the ISIS were kidnapping for ransom and oil smuggling. In January this year, the ISIS kidnapped two Japanese and broadcast the image of beheading the two Japanese live after it asked for 200 million dollars unsuccessfully.

Other sources of capital of the ISIS
■ The riches of Gulf countries donate money for the ISIS

Saudi Arabia, Qatar are accused as financial backer. During the ISIS’s early years, its main capital came from the riches of Gulf countries (such as Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia). The riches transferred hundreds of millions of dollars to the ISIS by taking advantage of Gulf countries’ protection of money laundering. “All people know that the money is from the Gulf countries. They are the main sources of capital for extreme organizations in Syria and Iraq,” says Andrew, a senior researcher for Middle Eastern Studies at the Washington Research Center. Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki publicly denounced Saudi Arabia and Qatar’s support for the ISIS.

■ Occupying oil fields to sell oil

Oil salesfield can make million dollars a day. Durinb 2013, the organization continues to attack Syrian border cities, has controlled the oil fields of Deir al-Zor province in Syria and aligned itself with tribes in oil exploration areas.

According to an informed source, an oil field located in the south of Ar-Raqqah province in Syria can bring the ISIS 1.3 million dollars a day, other oil fields can also bring it 500,000 dollars a day. The ISIS even sells oil to the Syrian Assad government.

■ Encroaching and bank robbery
The organization attacked and occupied Mosul and grabbed 400 million dollars in cash. In addition to occupying oil fields, the ISIS also collect money by means of bank robbery. According to media reports, on the 10th of this month, the ISIS ransacked the banks in Mosul and robbed 429 million dollars and lots of gold bullion. With such a huge sum of money, the ISIS can spend 600 dollars a month to support 60,000 terrorists for a year.
An official of Nineveh province Bashar Kiki confirmed that when armed men occupied Mosul, there were more than 400 million dollars cash reserves in Mosul’s banks. After the capture of Mosul, the ISIL issued a document with 16 key points said, “for the benefit of Muslims”, the ISIS took over the money of the Iraqi government .

■ Kidnapping locals for ransom
The organization extorted 12 million dollars per month from Mosul. In fact, before the occupation of Mosul, the ISIS had already obtained a lot of money from Mosul with a population of 200 million. Sources estimated that the organization could gain 12 million dollars per month from Mosul by means of kidnapping for ransom, extorting local enterprises, corruption, etc.
According to the present situation, the ISIS is different from the former organizations, it is well-established and has an explicit plan. If it is not controlled now, it may be a serious problem later. As a civilian, I hope that countries could further control the increase of its wealth and manpower to eliminate it fundamentally.