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December 2015

Quantum Computers

Recently in Australia, the Center for Quantum Computation & Communication Technology announced that their silicon microchip that uses two quantum bits works. Proving that silicon works in quantum based computing gives it the possibility to be not only possible but practical, not being all to much bigger than a regular processor.

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Montage of Heck

No matter who you are, even if you don’t know the people behind the name, it’s a given that you’ve heard of Nirvana, the biggest band in the world at the turn of the 1980’s.

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Music and Brain Develpoment

I went to Sedomocha’s winter concert put on by the second through fourth graders, on December 16 at 6:00 pm. Continue reading “Music and Brain Develpoment”

Do new Price and Greinke contracts prove baseball needs a Salary cap?

After talks of contract negotiations between the Boston Red Sox and elite pitcher David Price, sources have been confirmed on December 1st that David Price had signed a 217 million dollar, 7 year contract. With the signing of Price, this contract marks the highest payed baseball pitcher in history. Continue reading “Do new Price and Greinke contracts prove baseball needs a Salary cap?”

The Largest Mirror In The World

The largest mirror in the world is in Bolivia, it is called salar de uyuni. It is known as largest mirror in the world because it’s ground reflect that sky. Continue reading “The Largest Mirror In The World”

The Legacy Continues

All the hype about the next movie in the Rocky legacy, ‘Creed,’ can finally be put to rest. The movie came out on Wednesday, November 25th with impressive debut scores. If you had seen any of the original Rocky movies, the arrival of ‘Creed’ was a dream come true.  Continue reading “The Legacy Continues”

History of Batman games

So far, Marvel studio did a pretty good job on transferring their comic books into movie titles. The original comic book fans might not like every one of them, but these comic based movies sure introduce to more non comic fan  attention. Continue reading “History of Batman games”

Coyote Hunting

After a tranquil deer hunting season come to an end, if you hadn’t shot anything coyote huntin’ is the way to go. Continue reading “Coyote Hunting”

Should college athletes be paid?

Athletes all across the country at the division l level rake in revenue at an exceptional rate but never see see a stitch of this money. Continue reading “Should college athletes be paid?”

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