Recently, the cyber organization known as the Anonymous Collective declared a full out war on the terrorist sect by the name of ISIS, known sometimes as Daesh. Only hours after the Anonymous video, a (tweet:3) was sent out by the Anonymous Twitter account, #OpParis, declaring that over 5000 ISIS related accounts have been disabled or deleted.

Anonymous is a hacktivist organization that, until recently, has remained somewhat incognito. In past actions, Anonymous has declared that it will target KKK websites and other racial biased organizations. Just a few days ago, Anonymous released this (video:2) declaring war on ISIS, what they are calling #OpISIS. With the video, also released was a series of (documents:1) on how to help fight ISIS in the digital world, and ways to contact the Anonymous collective.

Previously mentioned was another name for ISIS, (Daesh:4), this is simply another name for the Islamic State, but is in fact, detested by the extremists. The acronym, ad-Dawlah al-Islāmiyah fī ‘l-ʿIrāq wa-sh-Shām, or Da’ish, is similar sounding to an Arabic derogatory term, Dahes, meaning “on who sows discord”. Since the Islamic State believes they are doing the right thing, this name angers them, as they believe this discord is all done rightfully and in the name of justice.

In the recent Anonymous tweets, ISIS and ISIL were not mentioned, in fact Anonymous is only referring to the Islamic State as Daesh. ISIS likes being called Islamic State, calling them ISIS simply encourages the militants. The distaste of this name, Daesh, is at a point where a young boy was (flogged:5) for simply mentioning the word.

Although you may not be a hacker like Anonymous, fighting in cyberspace, or a soldier out fighting in the Middle East, you can still help, do your part, a name has more power than it would seem, and the slightest help against Daesh, is still a help. Call Daesh by the name the deserve, Daesh.

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