Rabbit hunting is one of my favorite hunting seasons, it’s an adrenaline rush. From watching rabbits sit in front of you to the dogs running the rabbits. There are many ways to hunt rabbits and lots of places where rabbits are found. That’s most likely why rabbit hunting is so popular.
It is possible to hunt rabbits without dogs, but it is harder. The dogs that are used to run rabbits are typically beagles, because of their great sense of smell. Beagles, make excellent rabbit hunting dogs because when they get in the track of a rabbit they let out “piercing yowls” when they scare up the rabbits. The beagles usually get their smell better when the ground is moist or there is snow. It’s harder for them to track rabbits when the ground is dry. Rabbit’s have an instinctive habit of circling. A small area that they call home, is never far away. They will run in a circle away from the dogs back to the place the were originally at. It is also possible to hunt with multiples beagles, so if one of them lost a rabbits scent, then another one could pick it up.

Snowshoe in winter

Rabbits usually hide within areas that have good cover, so they are not easily found. Most likely the areas they hide in are related to what they like to eat. “Such as; grasses, clover, broadleaf weeds, soybeans, wheat, alfalfa, garden crops and the buds, twigs and bark of small saplings and bushes.”

Snowshoe before it changes color.

As soon as the rabbit pops out of a clearing, creating a clear shot, shoulder the gun and; “center your shot just beyond the head. By the time you shoot just above the head the rabbit with be running into your shot. The result is a fast kill and undamaged meat.” The daily limit for rabbits is four, but you can have up to eight in possession.

Here is a video of the dogs running rabbits in the snow.