During the rut can be one of the best times to shoot that buck you’ve been going after the whole season. There are a lot of mistakes that people make while hunting the rut, and it easy to avoid these common mistakes.

Most hunters think that the best time to hunt is during the morning and the evenings, which can be true for some of the season, but when it comes to the rut the best time to be in the stand is all day. Bucks are constantly on the move during the rut looking for a doe to mate with.

Outdoor underwriters.com suggests that scent is a very important factor to keep in mind all season. Some hunters believe that bucks during the rut are only paying attention to the does, which might be true for one to two year old bucks but for the older deer it’s not. Even if the bucks ignore your scent the doe will not, and the chances of seeing a buck are much greater if there are doe around during rut. Make sure to wear scent absorbent clothing, use spays to get rid of your scent, and make sure to pay attention to the wind.

When putting out doe-in-heat scent don’t bother just dribbling it around under your stand, make sure to put it in a spray bottle, and spray the surrounding foliage and vegetation about waist high, where the doe would emit scent.

Makes sure to use the right calls during this time of the year. It’s time to stop using a doe bleat call, and start using a doe in estrus call.

Don’t forget to use a buck grunt call. Wandering bucks aren’t always on a does trail, and they have little tolerance for competing with other bucks. So by using a grunt call you could get a buck to come in to your stand looking for a fight.