In the capital of China, Beijing, millions of people work and live under a heavy pollution. There was a novel news attracted my attention several days ago. The topic of that article was China’s Vacuum-cleaner Artist Turning Beijing’s Smog into Bricks. Sounded very unbelievable and impossible, but this actually happened in China, carried by a young man who was called Nut Brother. He used vacuum-cleaner to collect and extract the dust and other lung-chocking pollutants in the air, then transformed those materials into a “smog brick”.
Man Turns Beijing Smog into Building Bricks

After 100 days’ working, he finally got a brick . He wanted his activities can warn people how terrible is the atmosphere now. People in other place may not understand why “Nut Brother” was so urgently to change this condition.
Scattergram about air pollution value in Beijing

As we can see in the scattergram, in thousands days, just few days were under or in “unhealthy for sensitive groups”, and there were just tow days in healthy air condition in the past few years. Under this condition, you may know that all citizens in Beijing lived in a very harsh air condition almost every day. This seriously damaged all people’s physical wellness.

When the air condition gets unhealthy, people should avoid prolonged or heavy exertion outside.
Bad Air in Beijing

However, Beijing has most days in very unhealthy and even hazardous air conditions, which were marked as ” avoid exercise outdoors” part.

During these years, air pollution is killing an average 4000 people every day in China, because of the increasing of respiratory diseases, lung cancers and other disease which caused by air pollution.
Pollution for physical wellness

The pollution index in Beijing was hundred times higher than Toronto and Montreal. This means people in Beijing will have a worse health,even shorter life and will cost more resources in healthy treatment than the people in other place.
In this fast-growing city, people can never stop their steps. Staying at home and finishing works are not easy and common for most people. No one want to live in a danger, but people just have no choice. As all human are anxious to finish their work and realize their dreams, the city will never stop to develop, too. The government already carried some policies to solve the air problem, but the condition still gets worse and worse . People hope the government give more effective solutions to the pollution. Maybe it’s time for people to slow down their steps and take care the environment, atone for the nature.