Hard work and patience really does pay off. Local Dover-Foxcroft girl Emily Mailloux, sat in her tree stand and didn’t see a deer all season until Wednesday November 25th of her thanksgiving break.

Right around Thanksgiving time, a lot of Mainers tend to travel to go see family or relatives for the holidays. While others, would rather sit in a tree stand from dusk to dawn patiently waiting for a deer. Dover-Foxcroft girl Emily Mailloux shot her 8 point buck on Wednesday November 25th of her Thanksgiving vacation from school. It weighed in at 170lbs.

“I got out there as early as possible. It was just as it started turning light out. I sat out in my tree stand on my property where is usually always sit. I was sitting for about an hour before I heard something move behind me. I didn’t want to move because they can sense quick movements. It ended up changing directions and went the opposite direction of me. So I decided to spray doe scent on me. About 30 minutes go by and the buck came walking my direction. It ended up walking right in front of me. I aimed my rifle at him and took the shot. The first shot hit him right in the front right leg. It was 8:14 when I shot him. When I got out of the tree stand, I noticed there was a lot of blood so it wasn’t that hard to track him. Along the blood trail, I had to go through a lot of woodsy, and swampy areas. Going through that made the search that much longer. There were spots that had a little puddle of blood where you could see that he had layed down and there were several of these spots. I finally end up finding the buck I shot laying down. I had gone about 2 miles by now through rough terrain. I aimed at him again and took the shot at him. I hit him right in th neck this time. He started freaking out in the ground for about 5 minutes and all of the movements stopped. By now I knew he was dead. The only thing left to do was gut it out and go tag it. By the time we got out of the woods it was already 3:30. We had some troubles finding our way out with all of the tote roads. It was nice to finally get a buck and it felt good to know that I actually had to work for this one.”

Photo Creds: Emily Mailloux

Well Emily definitely had to work for this nice 8 point buck. A two mile hike through the woods and swamps to find it. It looks like she will be ready for next years season and with a little bit more expierence. Here is a few hunting ideas from Emily.

“Defiantly no selfies in the treestand! I know a couple people who keep their phones out and take pictures while they are hunting. Your chances of seeing anything are a lot less. I think does scent is always a good idea. I used it to lure my buck back in. A lot of people use buck calls but I don’t trust my self. I don’t want to make the mistake of doing it wrong and not see a deer. Using a lot of camo is a good idea. The more you can conceal ourself the better. I personally use a shampoo and body wash that gets rid of my scent. All my hunting clothes is use, I keep stored in a cardboard box full of tree limbs so it has more of the outdoor smell to it. Pretty much anything you can do to look like your not there is good.”