Eric Chrich released his new album called Mr.Misunderstood on November 4, 2015. Jay Joyce returns for a third straight Church album, with Arturo Buenahora Jr. executive producing. The album was recorded at St. Charles in Nashville Tennessee. It has 10 songs: 1. “Mr. Misunderstood” (Eric Church, Casey Beathard)2. “Mistress Named Music” (Church, Beathard)

3. “Chattanooga Lucy” (Church, Jeff Hyde, Ryan Tyndell)

4. “Mixed Drinks About Feelings” (feat. Susan Tedeschi) (Church)

5. “Knives of New Orleans” (Church, Jeremy Spillman, Travis Meadows)

6. “Round Here Buzz” (Church, Hyde, Luke Dick)

7. “Kill a Word” (Church, Hyde, Dick)

8. “Holdin’ My Own” (Church)

9. “Record Year” (Church, Hyde)

10. “Three Year Old” (Church, Beathard, Monty Criswell)

In a review from The Rolling Stone they gave 4 starts to Eric Church’s new album Mr.Misunderstood. It was recorded in about a month and a surprise-release to fans, it’s full of casual stunners. “Mixed drinks about feelings” is a closing-time piano duet with Susan Tedeschi. Chattanooga Lucy see’s Church working a soul falsetto over a stomping dance groove and the backing track for “Kill a word” is like a twang born kissing cousin of early-eighties Fleetwood Mac. “Many of the songs feel like scaled-down counterparts to the same of the best tracks on his “Outsiders” album.

  The album’s title track and lead single kicks this album off. It’s an appropriate opener, as it lays out what this album is all about and that’s Eric Church and his love of music. He sings about how he grew up as “Mr. Misunderstood,” the kid in the back of the class who didn’t fit in with his friends and was “the different one”. Instead he was the kid who listened to his dad’s vinyl and the likes of Elvis Costello, Ray Wylie Hubbard and Jeff Tweedy. It’s an acoustic driven track influenced by southern and heartland rock.

Josh Schott did a review on Eric’s album and out it on Country perspective “Mr. Misunderstood is hands-down the best album Eric Church has released in his career. While The Outsiders felt like a contrived, egotistical vanity project, Mr. Misunderstood is Church’s love letter to music. It’s no secret that Church is not strictly a country artist and loves to dabble in other genres too. He incorporates influences from blues, soul, southern rock, heartland rock, folk, gospel and funk in a way that maintains the integrity of the music while also making something new and creative. The songwriting is sharp, well-written and varied in theme and the writers Church brought in alongside him fit well. It’s an absolute must-listen. Mr. Misunderstood has made me believe in Eric Church and his music once again”.

Watch his recent single Mr.Misunderstood here.