A question as been ask for years, and will continue to be asked for years to come, who is better Lionel Messi, or Cristiano Ronaldo? It depends on the view you take on things. Some people look at seasonal stats, some people decide on personal opinion, but a different way to look at it is career stats. 

Trying to decide who the best player is from a year to year basis is to difficult. There are so many obstacles that could affect how Messi or Ronaldo could play. If one has an injury then the other would clearly get more goals and assists. If Messi or Ronaldo had a family crisis it could affect how they play. There are just to many things that could affect how the star plays in a given year. On the other hand, career stats shows how each player has done year in and year out.

One thing that affects the stats of these phenomenal players is Ronaldo has been playing professional soccer two years longer than Messi has, because he is two years older.

Their are many different stats that people find important which include, how many goals they have scored, how many assists they have, and even some more in depth stats. In terms of career goals scored, Ronaldo is at 504 goals in 761 appearances. That is the most of any modern time player. However Messi is not to far behind Ronaldo with 467 goals in 597 appearances. Messi has not played in as many games as Ronaldo, so it is hard to make a fair decision based on how many goals they have scored. A good in depth chart would be Messi and Ronaldo’s goal to game ratio. Ronaldo’s goal to game ratio is an impressive .63, but Messi edges him out with a .86 goal to game ratio. If this rate continues, by the time Messi’s reaches the amount of appearances Ronaldo is at right now, Messi will slightly have more than 504.

An interesting stat, is their assists totals. Ronaldo has 147 career assist, while Messi has 157. Messi has played for two less years than Ronaldo has, but yet already had more assists then him. Messi has played in 164 less than Ronaldo has, which is phenomenal to have more assists than a player of the same caliber as Messi.

Lookingimage at Messi and Ronaldo’s goal percentage by distance, it shows once again Messi slightly edges out Ronaldo. However, you must take into consideration that Messi has played in less games, which would result in less shots. Since Messi has less shots taken, his percentages would be higher than Ronaldo’s.

These players have had amazing careers, and they aren’t done yet. Both Messi and Ronaldo are still in their prime, totally devastating every team they play. It’s hard to decide who the better player is, many base it on opinion of which ever player is better. If you really look deep into the stats of where the players are now, by the end of both of their careers if they continue to perform well, Messi may edge out Ronaldo statistically speaking. The decision is ultimately up to you, who is better, Lionel Messi, or Cristiano Ronaldo?

Goal and assist stats from messivsronaldo  

Goal to game ratio stats from totalsportek

Goal percentage picture from difen