It is the 21st century right now, science and technology are developing in unimaginable speed far surpassing the evolution speed of mankind (or it can be said that the evolution of mankind has entered the peak). The problem lies in whether the future of mankind needs the further evolution of brain or relies upon science & technology or artificial intelligence.

The potential of mankind, as is known to all, almost can be expanded unprecedentedly. For instance, Wilt Chamberlin-one super man who can almost obtain world champion in any sports; Usain Bolt-one flying man that had broken numerous world records. However, it is just corporeally, what about from the brain?

One saying about human brain was widely spread in society in recent years: “the brain of common people is just used 10%, and the remaining 90% still needs to be developed”. Why was Einstein smarter than others? It’s very simple, as the development extent of his brain was several percentage points higher than that of others, which is decisive.

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The definite? source of such saying was inexplicit, and most people believe that it was from William James-father of American psychology. James stated in his work that: “common people only exerted 10% of potential intelligence”. However, combing with the context, what he pointed out is not brain potential, while more vague “potential mental energy”. As to how such 10% was calculated, James failed to present experiment data, and such figure was never seriously verified by scientists at present. Another suspected source was that in 1930s, neural surgeon Wilder Penfiled found in research that when stimulating such part of brain with current, cerebral cortex had no the slightest reaction, thus it is believed as “undiscovered 90% part”. Supposing that human brain is indeed developed just by 10%, would the rest 90% be in asleep? It is the point that cannot withstand deliberation concerning the 10% legend.

The size of brain is changing, the brain of ape person period is about only 300-400g, but now human brain is 1300-1400g. If it is not needed in life, brain would not develop to so big without cause. It shows that for mankind as a whole, there would only be insufficiency in brain, while not brain that cannot be used completely.

In another direction-technology/artificial intelligence, there are outstanding artificial intelligences like siri in 2015. Lots of very dangerous jobs are finished by robots. However, does mankind really need robots to develop the future?

Artificial intelligence is one branch of computer science. It attempts to understand the essence of intelligence and produce intelligent robots that make response in the mode similar to human intelligence. The researches in such field include robots, language identification, image identification, natural language processing and expert system. Since renaissance, the theory and technology of artificial intelligence becomes increasingly mature, and its application field is also continuously expanded. It can be projected that the technological products brought by artificial intelligence in future shall be the container of human wisdom.

As artificial intelligence has wisdom, it may resist mankind. Such hidden danger occurred in multiple films, and the key lies in whether allowing robots to possess the generation and continuation of self-consciousness. If allowing machines to possess self-consciousness, it means that machines shall have creativity, self-protection consciousness, emotion and spontaneous behavior the same or similar to mankind.

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Due to continuous evolution, mankind has become the king of the world. If artificial intelligence creates inertia and labor force decrease of mankind, which one may master the earth in future, mankind or artificial intelligence? Although these may not be related to me and perhaps I’m dead at that time, the future of mankind still deserves deliberation at present.