With the colder months upon us visitors and natives visit Maine for an exciting winter season. With the snow bringing inches upon inches for outdoor activities, Mainers are gearing up for another exciting winter.

Known as vacationland, Maine has a vast number of activities that bring in revenue to local businesses and stores. From skiing and snowboarding, snowshoeing, sledding, ice fishing, ice climbing to snowmobiling the backcountry of Maine hidden in the deep forests. For Maine, these activities help stimulate money flow in small communities. Places like Greenville are rather small in population and business is often slow for many restaurants, shops and gas stations. That is, until the snow flies. Once the snowmobile season starts small places like Greenville flourish with visitors from all over to travel the many miles of trail in and around its unpopulated woods.

With avid snowmobile visitors comes an increase in sale of snowmobiles in the community. Moose head power sports is a local snowmobile retailer that makes 90% of its profit on snowmobile sales in the Greenville area. Building new and buying used snowmobiles allows them to sell to a variety of customers. They are able to hit such a broad market having all 4 brands of snowmobiles (Polaris ,Skidoo, Arctic cat, and Yamaha) available and with their huge inventory. Owner Dave says ” We are extremely fortunate to have such a successful business in such an unpopulated area. People all over Maine are looking to upgrade their snowmobiles to a newer model so we are able to provide to all levels of rider experiences. From the fastest to most fuel efficient and long track to short track we have it all in new and used models.”
With such a booming business in central Maine Moosehead is able to advertise to all necks of the woods. Having customers come from all regions of Maine. The annual revenue is surprising for Moosehead and owner Dave says: ” Initially we had a few rough financial years starting out but once the market recovered in 2011 and new snowmobile models came out with new technology we were able to have our sales go up. Last winter we were averaging 2.7 sleds sold/traded per day. People witH used sleds would do partial trades giving us their used sleds and some cash for a new one. This is how we are so successful. Having a huge new inventory while having a huge used inventory allows for more sales and more variety that in the long run increases out revenue and popularity.”

Being a big snowmobile fan myself brought me to Moosehead not too long ago. In 2013 I purchased a sled used from their inventory and have had a blast riding around the Moosehead Lake region. Along with this sled I bought a GoPro helmet camera to video my trips that I posted on you tube. You can find my video here.