Hunting season is coming to an end and winter is fast approaching, but there is still time to get that buck you have been going after all season.

Sources at say By this time of the season the deers behavior has changed, because hunters have been invading their space all season, and that has made them more skittish, so it’s better to find a hunting spot that has had little to no disturbance during the earlier part of the season.

During the rut bucks loose up to 30 percent of their body weight, because they have been moving long distances and they’ve been focused on finding a doe to mate with, not on eating. But now with snow and ice coming deer are traveling long distances food. Deer also tend to bed next these places so if you can find the best food source around then chances are there is going to be a deer around there some where.

Another tactic to use for the snowy late hunting season is tracking deer. Find a good sized track made from the night before or sooner. Once you get on the deers trail catch up to it as soon as soon as possible, it’s ok to spook it the first time because then you know you have caught up to it. Once you have spooked the deer sit down for a half an hour to an hour and wait. By this time the deer has most likely relaxed and settled back down. Now you can keep following him, make sure not to jump it again, walk as quietly as possible and stop often. Be sure to keep looking all around you, because the deer could be anywhere, and you don’t want to scare it away again