Never in my high school career did I think about swimming. It was just never in my interest to try that sport, but I knew it would keep me in great shape before I leave for the military. It’s definitely a lot of hard work to learn all swimming styles and techniques, but it’s still a fun sport.

I never really knew much about the sport swimming. A couple of my friends I played football with decided to do it and they talked me into doing it. So I had went to the coach, Morgan Rublee and asked her a little bit about it and signed up. Day one came and I didn’t really know what to expect. I was actually a little bit nervous. I just kept saying to myself it’s only an hour and half it shouldn’t be that bad. The end of practice came and it was definitely a lot harder than I was expecting. The hour and half of practice is almost all swimming. There was very small breaks, I would say probabaly less than a minute before coach Rublee told us to get back on it. She is a very dedicated Coach who I know will never give up on her swimmers. There is no goofing off what so ever unless you want “Drylands”. “Drylands” is a system coach Rublee created for slackers. It usually consists of push-ups, sit-ups, and squats. However mad you made her, depends on the number of “Drylands” you will be doing.

For the first couple weeks, it was all about learning the basics. We had to learn all four strokes which were were the Butterfly, the Backstroke, Breaststroke, and the Freestyle. Coach Rublee showed us different training techniques for the different strokes. One practice she made is put a tennis ball under or chin, while kicking on our back, and turning from side to side. The point of it was to get in the habit of keeping your head tucked in. Another thing she had us do was to stack a penny and eventually pennies on or forehead while doing the backstroke. Luckily we got to put flippers on our feet so we would move much quicker.

A few weeks in I started to get the gist of things. The pieces of the puzzle came together. It was time for the first meet so Coach Rublee told me what my events were that I was competing in. She told me I was competing in the 50yard freestyle and the 200yard freestyle relay with three other guys. It felt like no time at all and it was already Friday and time to head to Husson University to compete again Hampden High School. I didn’t end up doing as great as I wanted to, but it was my first meet. I decided to keep working hard and every week set a new goal. Even though swimming was never an idea in my mind to do it, I actually really like it and recommend anybody to try it.

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