With hunting season coming to a close and many of the Hunter’s take to the couches for the rest of these long cold night, the avid sportsman tries to keep himself busy with other out door activities like trapping, ice fishing, shed hunting, since the deer will be losing their horns, and rabbit hunting. There is an activity for every outdoorsman during these upcoming winter months all they have to do is find an activity that is suited for them.
For someone who loves hunting and needs to be out pursuing game there’s rabbit hunting. It’s not the biggest of game but it is a great way to hone in you’re skills with a small caliber rifle or a shotgun. Plus the benefit of hunting rabbit is finding a way to harvest meat we all know that a rabbit isn’t the largest of game but it provides a large source of protein at 81% protein 1%carbs 18%fats not to mention there are so many different ways to cook rabbit.

For the person just looking to get out and take in the wildlife shed hunt would be great for them, who doesn’t like a good rack? This also gives you an idea that of where the big deer are by seeing their tracks, beds and sheds. If you’re lucky enough to see them while out shed hunting it always a rush to see a deer in its natural habitat with no pressure from Hunters.
While out looking for those sheds you will see a plethora of small game sign and why couldn’t you try to make a little bit of money while being out in the woods? If that sounds like a great idea trapping could be a great activity for you. Be sure to take the appropriate courses to obtain a legal trapping license.

If you love fishing and hunting and the put doors and you have the time ice fishing is a great pass time for an avid outdoorsman, sitting there all day takes patience and ice fishing is almost as good as deer hunting and while out you can share the great times with your friends and just have a great time. If you enjoy the taste of any type of game fish you can go out and target those fish and by the end of the day you will have enough for a nice meal.

So as you sit inside and fight off cabin fever just remember there are so many activities for you to do these upcoming winter months be sure to take advantage of spring will be just around the corner, and you know that means turkey season.