A once in a lifetime opportunity for a Guide in Sebec, Maine to trap a bear for the first time. Weighing in at three hundred eighteen pounds, my dad trapped his very first bear. Although the time that was spent trapping this bear took a while it was worth it. He set the trap in a couple different places after the bear continuously stepped over or beside the trap every time.
Going out every day to check the trap and the camera, to see which way he was coming in and at what times. The bait barrel was filled almost everyday to keep him constantly coming in. But after an un continuous pattern of when and where he was coming in. My dad decided it would be a good idea to put the trap in front of the bait barrel and see what that would do.
The next day, waiting for me to get home from school, so we could go out and check the trap, walking to the trail to the bait barrel we peeked through the bushes to see a bear sitting there, with his foot in the snare attached to a slim tree.image

It all happened so quickly, and took quite some time to get it back to the truck through the narrow and steep trail. But once we did and got it weighed in was such an amazing excursion that we had just been through.
“Being able to trap this bear was so much fun, and such a great experience. Although it was a big beast, if I could’ve let him go and live to grow much bigger I would have.” My dad stated after the day came to an end. Even thought my dad didn’t get to keep this (what I call) trophy of a bear, for he donated the meat to children who needed food and the rug went to a nearby lodge. Overall it was such a great experience and we would do it all over again if we had the chance.image