After a tranquil deer hunting season come to an end, if you hadn’t shot anything coyote huntin’ is the way to go. Even if you shot a deer throughout the season, I would still recommend it. It is a fun sport to do, a great experience, and a remarkable trophy for most? It is also good for other reasons such as; to minimize the population of the coyotes so fewer deer especially young ones are being killed, and it’s good to kill the coyotes off, for they are more harmful to animals other than deer.
Although I have never shot a coyote I have gone out with my dad, and it is such an adrenaline rush when that coyote comes racing through the field, at the sound of you calls. Coyotes have such a good sense of smell that if any wind is blowing in the direction the are or traveling to the will circle around you to avoid coming into contact. There’s ears and eye sight are also very keen. Which is why it is important to sit very still and only use right attractant calls.

Maine coyote hunter.

Coyote hunting goes all year ’round, daylight hunting is from January 1st to December 31st, except on Sunday’s. And night hunting hours are from December 16th to August 31st, except for Sunday’s as well. There is no limit on how many you can have in possession, nor is there a limit for age, sex, and size of the coyote. You are able to hunt from an open field, (with permission) a ground blind, or a tree stand.
Another technique for getting a coyote is trapping, which if you are trapping to sell the fur or be prepared for taxidermy, you must tag the coyote after it is killed.

Coyote caught in trap.

Trapping is a totally different way from hunting them, it most likely takes less time, and it involves checking the traps daily and baiting them. Setting a trap is not the easiest to do for first timers, it definitely takes practice. You have to know where the right spot to set it is, where the right spot for bait is and what the right bait to use is, how much dirt to cover it with, etc. it’s quite a process. But it’s much more fun than sitting in a field waiting.

Photos provided by Google.