All the hype about the next movie in the Rocky legacy, ‘Creed,’ can finally be put to rest. The movie came out on Wednesday, November 25th with impressive debut scores. If you had seen any of the original Rocky movies, the arrival of ‘Creed’ was a dream come true.  In the movie, it follows the story of Adonis Johnson. You soon find out that he was Apollo Creed’s son and Adonis never met Apollo. Growing up in foster homes in California, Apollo Creed’s wife, takes Adonis in, and raises him as her own (Apollo Creed had an affair). Adonis soon takes a liking into boxing after watching videos of his father boxing. Adonis quits his job to become a full time boxer, and moves from California to Philadelphia.

This is wear the famous Rocky Balboa comes into play. With Rocky being a retired boxer, and Adonis knowing Balboa was great friends with Apollo, Adonis pays Rocky a visit. Adonis asks Rocky to be his trainer, and at first Rocky is skeptical about it, but eventually caves in. While in Philadelphia, Adonis also finds love, with a beautiful young singer named Bianca who struggles with a hearing problem which will cause her to go deaf. Adonis and Bianca battle through thick and thin, both having problems pop up along the road.

Adonis decides to move in with Rocky to focus on his training, and soon after Adonis wins his first fight, word gets out that he is actually Apollo Creed’s son. This sparks controversy and by figuring out the last name of this young boxer is actually Creed, sparks the champ Ricky Conlan to fight Adonis for his last fight.

Rocky and Adonis decide to accept the challenge, and they dig deep together, both fighting. Rocky fighting the surprise of cancer, and Adonis fighting for is true identity. The biggest fear for Adonis was changing his last name to Creed, and losing which would disgrace the name. With the help of Rocky an Bianca, Adonis learns that the only person that stands in the way if his on identity and legacy his himself.

Adonis then fights the champ, an incredible fight that went back and forth. In the end Adonis loses to Ricky Conlan, but in the last round knocks him down which was the first time in his undefeated career. Adonis gained respect from fans around the world, and even Ricky Conlan.

With the father son bond that Adonis and Rocky created throughout the movie, it shows how strong the bond the Apollo Creed and Rocky Balboa had in the original, as Rocky takes him in to help him find out who he is, and teach him that his legacy was more important than his last name.

Many reviews state that the movie was phenomenal, and nobody really had anything bad to say about the movie. An interview with a Rocky series fan, shows what she thought of the movie.

Q: What did you think of the movie?

“I thought the movie was great. I think it was the best movie of the series since the original Rocky.”

Q: Do you think they did a good job connecting the new boxer with Apollo Creed & Rocky?

“Yes I think they did. I like the fact that they made Donny get into boxing by watching video’s of his father boxing Rocky back from the actually Rocky and Rocky II films. I also like the special bond that Donny and Rocky have because of Apollo. I like the fact that they make Rocky seem like the fatherly figure the Donny never had.”

Q: What could they have improved about the movie?

” The biggest thing I didn’t like about the movie was the fact that they make Apollo look kind of like a bad guy because he had an affair on his wife, and that’s how Donny was born. But also I understand why they made Apollo seem like a bad guy, they wanted to make it so Donny was trying to prove to everyone that he wasn’t born on accident.”

Q: Do you think they should continue following Adonis Creed’s Career?

“Maybe one more movie showing Adonis become the world champion because he never actually becomes the world champion in this movie. Also it would be nice to figure out if Rocky ends up getting through the cancer treatment he was going through. I don’t think they should drag it out as they did the original Rocky movies though.”

Q: Do you recommend this movie to people who haven’t seen it yet?

“Of course.”

This interview was just one of the hundreds of thousands of good things said about the movie. As this fan as said, not everything was perfect about the movie, maybe they could of changed some things here and their, but overall the experience of the movie was great, and it is one of the better movies of the series.

I believe the movie was phenomenal and would recommend this to anyone who has seen the original Rocky movies. One thing I didn’t enjoy about the movie was every once in a while their would be scenes of Adonis’ growing love with Bianca. I think by putting those scenes in their it kind of got you of topic and didn’t keep the flow of the movie going well. But then again, Rocky also met his wonderful wife Adrian in the first Rocky movie, so there was a connection to be made.