The world is large and there are so many places to go, but because of the environmental pollution, some places are in dangerous conditions. So I want to introduce few places that you need to go before they are gone.

The first place is Maldives which is Country in South Asia. It is known for clear ocean and nice warm weather. But this beautiful place is endanger because it is placed in a lowest place in the earth latitude. Global warming causes sea levels to rise, directly threatening island nations. The scientist predicting that it is going to disappear in 50 yeas. 몰디브전세기

The second place is an Alps which is Mountain range in Europe. It is famous for the most highest mountain in the Europe. But it gets three percent ( 40km) lower because of the global warming, it Melted Alps’ Glaciers, Andreas Vieli, a glaciologist said that if glaciers in the region continue to melt at the rate seen during the past 30 years, there is a risk that nearly all of them will vanish before the end of the century. Switzerland-Alps-mountains-green-grass-trees-blue-sky_1920x1080

The third place is a Great Barrier Reef which is a Coral reef in Queensland, Australia. This place is designated as World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO. The high temperatures of the water and high levels of pollutants in the water causing the organisms that give coral its color and food to die. This change is mostly caused by burning fossil fuels. Therefore unless levels of climate change are slowed, much of the reef will be dead in decades.Lady_Musgrave_Island_Great_Barrier_Reef.jpg

The last place is a Venice which is a City in Italy. It is known for beautiful canal So it is called “the city of water.” also it was a background of the Merchant of Venice. But this city is slowly sinking down.  Over the last 1,000 years, it has sunk by around 2.75 inches (7 centimeters) for every century, because the poles are too weak to support their building, and their ground density had been changed.Venice-canal-boat-bridge-and-house_1680x1050

We have to protect the environment from pollution to keep these beautiful places.