Saudi Arabia decided to sever diplomatic relations with Iran on 01/03/2016. And ordering the Iran diplomatic personnel to leave the country within 48 hours. The direct cause of the matter is that Saudi Arabia announced the execution of 47 prisoners with terrorism crimes, which led to Iranian demonstrator impacted the Saudi Arabian Embassy.

Regarding the nuclear issue of Iran, Saudi Arabia has been worried that Iran is trying to grasp the strategic advantage of nuclear weapons in the Gulf region. According to the American diplomatic documents disclosed by “Wiki Leaks” network, Saudi leaders have been pushing the United States to take a tough stance on Iranian nuclear program, including the possibility of using force.

Effects of bilateral ties break off:

Oil market vibration occurs. Crude oil price of New York has jumped about 3%, breaking the $38 per barrel and the price of Brent crude oil also raised over 2%.

At the same time, the ending diplomatic relations of two countries caused a chain reaction. The Bahrain government announced to break off diplomatic relations with Iran on the January 4th afternoon and ordered Iranian diplomats to leave the country within 48 hours. At the same time, Bahrain has decided to close its embassy in Iran and to withdraw its diplomatic personnel in January 4th. Meanwhile, the Republic of Sultan decided to expel the ambassador of Iran in January 4th and broke off the diplomatic relations with Iran. The United Arab Emirates announced to lower the diplomatic relations with Iran and recalled its ambassador to Iran, limiting the number of foreign workers in Iran.

In the consideration of both sides play an important role in the Middle East, the diplomatic relations ending of the two countries will play a significant impact on the peace , security and geopolitical of Middle East.

First, Saudi Arabia and Iran has been deeply involved in civil strife in Syria and Yemen, The diplomatic relations ending of Saudi Arabia has brought more uncertainty to the political settlement of Syria and Yemen issue; on the other hand, regional security vacuum sets aside more space for superpower games beyond the district and the further intervention of the external forces will make the regional situation become more complicated.

Secondly, it is not conducive to regional anti-terrorism. In recent years, various extreme terrorism has taken the opportunity to make the rule when the security vacuum existing in the Middle East, “Base” organization, the Islamic state “and other extremist terrorist organizations become bigger and bigger. The anti-terrorism situation of Middle East has presented a good sign recently, but the deterioration of the relationship with Saudi Arabia weakens regional anti-terrorism cooperation, resulting in regional national disorder, the terrorist forces power overflow, which becomes a brand new challenge to the region and even the whole world.

The tensions were existed in the relationship of the two countries over the period, what’s worse, the Saudi allied forces attacked the Embassy of Yemen in Iran on January 7th, and the air strikes caused s of a number of injured Iran staffs.

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Two countries have a lot of contradictions before, no body can can guarantee whether a new war made out of old debt and new debt will break out or not one day? It may cause a war not only between the two countries but among the whole Middle East.