Greenville, Maine relys on their summer and winter season to make money. With all of this warm weather in the winter time, it’s affecting all of their tourism to come and participate in their winter activities.

In Greenvile, Maine, all of their money comes from tourists in the summer and winter season. This winter they are late on everything because of the weather. They aren’t getting the money that they usually get. Greenville doesn’t have much business to start with. Their main recourses of employment are the Elementary and Highschool, the hospital, and the grocery store. There used to be a McDonalds, but it had shut down because the lack of business. Big Moose Mountain (Which everybody knows as Squaw Mountain), just recently opened back up 3 years ago after being closed for 10 years because of a ski lift accident. The owner was sued and shut the business down.image

The mountain was suppose to open for the season during the 2nd week of December and instead it didn’t until almost the 1st week of January. That’s a great resource for money because people have to pay for lift tickets and if they need equipment they can rent those too. For beginners they also have lessons you can take too. The late snow fall will definitely affect their business.

Moosehead Lake is also a big one in the winter time. They have a big Toag ice fishing tournament January 23rd to the 25. As of now it is still going on, but the ice will be checked before. The big problem is that it snowed a bunch before it even got cold, so all that snow puts a layer of insulation on the ice. So when it gets really cold it takes a lot longer to freeze. This also prevents people from going out and snowmobiling. Toag are usually fished out of the deep end and if the ice stays thick it’s at a high risk of breaking through.

The only thing in Greenville that wouldn’t really depend on the weather is on February 14th. It’s Valentines Day and they host a big Chocloate festival. They make a good chunk of change with that, but they can’t just depend on that one event to make money the whole winter