The Big East class B cheering competition is only two competitions before regionals which is the deciding factor on if you are going to states or not which is Foxcroft Academy ‘s goal for this season.  For the past five years the Herman Hawks had won Class B Cheerleading states and every other competition leading up to their consecutive victories, but rising from the ashes and moving from their usual fourth or fifth spot the Old Town Coyotes snagged the first place spot at the Big East competition in Ellsworth. The Hawks however were the runner-ups and Ellsworth third. This year we are all expecting the Coyotes to beat the Hawks and claim their first states win.
Here is the Coyotes routine, I’d say its pretty amazing

As for our team we placed 7th out of 14 teams, although our team is mostly freshman they have either done cheer before and know what they are doing or are catching on very quickly. Our stunting has improved and the level or teamwork and professionalism is outstanding. Here is our routine for that week.