image.pngYou see them every nowadays. Fitbits, Apple watches, and other varying models of similar devices. They are used recreationally. People who are in the process of being, and already are fit alike use these. But other people thought what if we could turn these cool gadgets in something more useful than a step counter.

Fitbit uses readily available technology that is found in all of your recently made smartphones called an accelerometer that takes motions that you do throughout the day and turns them into meaningful data. The advanced programming that is in these cool watches and clip on devices are designed to rule out most meaningless motion by utilizing advanced programming.

These cool gadgets are fun to use and record what you do in a day. But are there clinical uses for these devices? A thought to ponder would be rehabilitation. With your muscles being encumbered by an injury. It would be imperative to measure progress of the function of your body with the amount of work you do per day.

With the newfound access to the technology that is in abundance it is a very real possibility for those with health problems to be donned with a new bracelet that measures their progress and their ability to transform into a healthier and happier self.

The Seattle Children’s Hospital is doing a clinical trial to try and combat childhood obesity by using Fitbit devices. The Fitbit is a intervention of continuation of the detriment of their health that is obesity. These trails are targeted to impoverished demographics. The reason being for the impoverished being targeted is the new access to technologies that weren’t previously accessible to less affluent groups. You can check out their research page here.

Childhood obesity has a plethora of causes. The causes include but are not limited to race, age, income, genetics, and geographic location. But on average the lower echelon of the income brackets have higher chance for childhood obesity.

The C.D.C released an article saying that the education level of children’s parents strongly influences the chances of obesity by saying “Overall, obesity prevalence among children whose adult head of household completed college was approximately half that of those whose adult head of household did not complete high school”

So with the access to this watch, is it a viable way to combat obesity of the youth? I believe that more than a watch is needed to drastically impact the lives of those affected by obesity. The Fitbit is a grand tool to use to measure progress and set goals, but like any other illness obesity causes strain on your health, and is a deficit to your well being. So it is necessary to treat getting into shape as a rehabilitation, and to strive to improve your work outs and tweak your diet.

You can check out fit bits and their prices here.