With wrestling season halfway through and looking forward Foxcroft academy’s wrestling team has a possibility to take states by storm. imageThis year Foxcroft has had many individual champions at tournaments and have had a great year placing at some of the toughest tournaments in the state of Maine. At the noble tournament in south Berwick the ponies took third with a few out of state teams and some of the toughest teams in class A, not only has Foxcroft dominated in class B they have dominated out of state winning the Terry McGowan invitational tournament in Virginia. Looking forward if the ponies keep up the pace they are on track for a great post season.
Catching up to head coach Luis Ayala he had this to say about looking toward the post season.

“So far we have had a great season but we haven’t met our goals yet our goals our goals coming in are to win PVC’s, regionals and states we need to continue to work hard to achieve these goals nothing at this point is guaranteed and for us to succeed we have to come in with the same intensity and attitude that we have had all year”
The remainder of the season is a tough one for wrestlers. Having a few returning state champions from class c and other wrestlers having placed at states the ponies are looking solid moving toward the post season one of the most important things in wrestling is discipline and not loosing focus. Moving forward the team has to focus on their competition and improve their skills and set their sights on a possible first class B state title. So during February be sure to look for news of the ponies.