With Maine’s moose numbers plummeting more and more every year, it leads to less permits being given out.About 950 fewer moose were killed by hunters in the year of 2014, than in 2013. There were 280 fewer permits being offered in the year of 2015. Along with the most conventional cause of Maine’s moose deaths, by hunters or vehicles.

With moose population decreasing, does it mean that it’s natures way of showing that moose are overpopulated and need to be killed by natural causes such as parasites in there habit? It is believed that more moose are dying off from the cause off parasites. Within the last couple years, the problem with parasite such as; winter ticks, lungworm, and tapeworm have been proficiently killing many of Maine’s moose.

imageAs an article in the Bangor daily news states; ” May of 2014, the number of permits given was deducted by 25 percent after biologists discovered, 30 percent of adult moose and 70 percent of calves they were observing died over the winter.”

Which a cruel way for a moose to die is by ticks and starvation. The ticks cling onto the body of the moose and suck their blood, which helps the ticks make it through the winter. This causes the moose to become very sick, instead of eating, it rubs off its winter coat to try and scrape of the ticks off its sore and scabby body. This is when the moose mostly needs food and warmth to help it survive. As the article states; “Better to die by the bullet.”image

Also in few of Maine’s districts, a resolution to decrease the moose population is made because of harm done to plantation. In Greenville, hunting is restricted in the September season, so that the “nature” people are able to watch and experience Maine’s moose.

As a result they have reduced the number of permits in many districts, especially for cows. So that the population can stay at a growth rate, and they are killing more-so matures bulls instead of cows or young males.

A moose is such a beautiful animal, and a great sight to see in the wild. It is heart breaking to know many moose die by suffering from natural causes rather than having a painless death. Which is why it is a good idea to lower the amount of permits given out, and let the population grow more.

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