Nobody really new the superstar Odell Beckham Jr. until he made is famous one handed catch against the Dallas Cowboys as a rookie. Instantly he became a star and people were already calling him the best receiver in the NFL, the question that remained was wether or not Odell could continue making catches.

After finishing off the end of the 2015 regular season, Odell as played in 27 career games, and has put up huge numbers breaking records for receivers in their first 25 games. According to ESPN, “No player in NFL history had more receptions through 25 career games than Beckham Jr., who already has 169 receptions in 24 games, according to Elias Sports Bureau research.” Odell ended up hitting 176 receptions in his first 25 games, blowing away the previous record which was held by Anquan Boldin with 154. Not only did Odell break the most receptions in the first 25 games, but also broke the record for imagereceiving yards. After his 25th game he landed at 2,625 beating Charlie Hennigan by 157 yards. Finally Odell finished with 24 receiving touchdowns in 25 games, putting him second all time behind Bill Groman who had 27. Odell is already showing he is one of the best receivers among some of the greats, and he has only played in 27 total career games.

Not only are Odell’s statistics insane, but some of his catches are too. It seams like he makes a ridiculous catch every single week. Odell as made some amazing catches in his first 27 games, but watching multiple highlight videos, I came up with what I thought were his top 5 of his young career.

5. One handed leaping grab against the Jets


This catch starts us off at number five and is a beautiful catch. Not only does it show Odell’s pure athletic ability, but it also shows how well he can control the football. He turns a mediocre throw from Eli Manning into a highlight real for himself. His ability to adjust to the flight of the ball while sprinting and keeping his composure with 3 jets players near him to real in the grab just shows the capability of this young rising star. Here is a video of Odell’s nice catch:
4. Controlled TD catch against Dolphins


This incredible catch against the Dolphins hits number 4. This catch shows the awareness and once again the control of this young receiver. Before Odell catches the ball, he plants his front foot with about 1 inch of space between the front of his cleat and the endline, and after he plants that foot, he drags his back foot on the ground before he even catches the ball. This shows the awareness of Odell to be able to make sure his feet are set and in a good position to actually make the catch. Another special Odell moment in his young career. Here is a video of Odell’s catch:

3. Odell Burning Jets Defense


This catch doesn’t seem like a highlight reel catch, mainly because it isn’t. It’s what Odell is able to do with his feet that makes this a spectacular play. In this catch Odell catches an ordinary catch between 3 defenders, but as soon as he catches that ball, it was already a touchdown. He saw a small window that he could hit, and hit that gap with blazing speed. It’s not the speed that is so incredible, it’s the acceleration that makes your jaw drop. As soon as he catches the ball, he takes about five steps, and was nearly at full speed through the gap of the 3 defenders and home free with a 72 yard TD reception. This hits at number three because this shows his capability of turing a first down catch into a TD to help his team win. Here is a video of Odell’s quickness:

2. One handed diving TD Catch against Redskins×712.jpg

This catch is based purely off athleticism. The concentration required to make a catch like this is unreal. The coverage on this catch was great, but Odell manages to shine over the coverage, and he does it with incredible style. Without Odell’s athleticism he would never be able to make a catch like this, in fact nobody would be abel to make a catch like this. If this catch doesn’t show that he is legit, maybe the next one will. Here’s a video of Odell’s phenomenal catch:

1. One hand TD reception against Dallas

This is the catch that started Odell’s career, this is the catch that made him famous. Everyone has heard of this brain busting catch. Making a catch like this is nearly impossible for most people, and for Odell to do it in an actual game situation just adds to the reasons why this catch is possibly the greatest catch in NFL history. Don’t forget that this catch occurred by Odell in his rookie season. A rookie making a catch like this most definitely would catch an eye or two… or the entire world’s eyes. One final thing that sets this apart from the other amazing Odell catches is that he manages to catch this after winning a pass interference call. The determination and concentration to be able to fight through contact, and make a play like this shows right away that he wasn’t just going to be a one hit wonder, he was going to break records. Thats what Odell has done in his young career. Here is a video of the rookies spectacular catch:

Showing only five of the best catches Odell has had in his 27 game career and showing how he stacks up against the most elite receivers in the history of the NFL, this shows Odell is more then legit. He is on his way to a career that will never be forgotten. He has already broken multiple receiving records in only 2 years of NFL experience, and he isn’t slowing down anytime soon.