imageRecently Formula E, the racing company, and Kinetik, the technology company, have teamed up to create ROBORACE, according to the team behind it will be “the natural next step for motor racing”.

The companies claim this will help with progressing through the five variables, the five variables are the five main points that will determine the speed of innovation and adaptation. The idea with ROBORACE is to show off the AI to the public. According to the variables of innovation, this is the most important part of any new ideas or technology. The ROBORACE will advertise itself, not by showing quality or innovations, simply raising awareness to the technology will have a huge effect on the result, a public friendly piece of technology.

The second variable of innovation is its accessibility, if a product is advertised but never used by the audience, there is no point to even advertising it, people need to see the product being used, but most people don’t want to go out of their way to see something. To deal with this the ROBORACE team has placed their races, hour long bouts, in the pre race time of other large events, such as the Indy 500.

The driverless car industry is going begin its golden age very soon, with major lines such as BMW releasing the i8 Spyder in 2016, or Tesla Motors Model S still in beta. Most companies are competing to have the first truly driverless car on the market first. This extreme competition between companies is creating a huge amount of innovation, almost similar to the first automobiles, with Ford eventually beating out the competitors with the Model T.

The innovation of the self-driving car will put the car industry back into an age of competition, companies driving to get their cars on the market. This competition is bound to raise stocks and create new parts of technology that may change how we live our daily lives.