Materials-Cake Mix (vanilla or chocolate doesn’t matter)

-Oreos (plain)



-Fudge striped cookies

-Chocolate frosting 




Take two Oreos and twist them gently. Save the cream sides of the Oreo and then go ahead and eat the other halves. Next take a little of the chocolate frosting and add M&M’s to the cream sides of the Oreos. Now you have the eyes done. Set them aside. Take a fudge striped cookie and spread some frosting on the top half of the cookie. Stick four pieces of yellow and three orange Reese’s pieces and where you put the frosting. Make sure when you stick the Reese’s pieces to the frosting you have the pieces set up nicely. Yellow on the outer edge of the cookie and the orange beneath. Next take your cupcake and a knife and cut a slit in the back of the cupcake(deep enough to fit the fudge striped cookie into the back of it). Okay now let’s start putting the turkey all together. Put the two Oreo eyes on to the cupcake. Take the fudge striped cookie and put it in the slit you made with the knife. And now take a final Orange Reese’s pieces and stick it sideways in the middle of the eyes so it’s like a nose.