Xinjiang, is an autonomous region of China in the northwest of the country. It is over 1.8 million k㎡ and with 10 million Uighurs. This is a place mixed Han nationality culture and Muslim minority culture. few days ago, I read a article about the government carried out some new policies to Muslims in Xinjiang, some extreme policies seriously hurt the rights of citizens in Xinjiang. Government prohibited adverse speech on social media, check people’s personal communication devices and carried on some really strict rule for Muslims.

All these extreme controls were caused by the violent attacks and the hypes from ISIS.  Government was worried about the spreading of extremism in Muslim region, there fore they took those measures to control the condition., those measures brought some bad affects to Xinjiang. For example, the lost of Muslims labor. Many Muslims felt that they were discriminated in Xinjiang, so they chose to leave. In 1949, 76% of Xinjiang’s population was Uighur and 7% ethnic-Han. In 2012 Uighurs made up 46% while the number of people of Han ethnicity amounted to 39%. Uoghurs culture disappeared and mixed with Han nationality culture. Under the pressure and changed, the anger and fear are increasing day by day.

While well intentioned, many of these were ill fated from the beginning. I think now in this palce people most needed comfort and understand. Government is trying to change the condition now, and I hope they will take good care of Xinjiang