Destruction has given way to diplomacy in the Middle East between Iran and the United States. The topic was the prisoners that had been indicted on false charges. The Iranians felt as if the imprisonment of their citizens was not right. With current circumstances given the nuclear peace talks between the United States it is a comfort to see that diplomacy has prevailed in the prisoner exchange. The ones from America had been so happy to return to their families. While on the other end of the spectrum the Iranians that were released have decided to stay in the United States for the time

The news came as Iran was on the urge of implementation day. The benchmark Iran reached when it met the International Nuclear Deal. Iran agreed to reduce the amount of nuclear energy in various forms that it had stock piled which put a lot of near by countries at ease.

The proof that diplomacy works is right I front of us and hopefully other countries will use this as an example to avoid conflict and let diplomacy reign over using destructive power. The us and the Iranians seemed pleased at the out come but being that the Middle East is in a volatile state lately with threats coming from all over the area hopefully it will reach a peaceful resolution.image