The way the world is right now, a lot of people are on drugs, people have anger issues, no respect, people are a lot different. You should always be prepared for somebody to attack. Self defense is a great thing for everybody to know. It give self confidence, morals, and safety. Krav Maga is known is one of the worlds deadliest martial arts in the world.


Krav Maga is currently known as one of the worlds deadliest martial arts in the world. Krav Maga was created in 1948 for the Israel army. From 1948 through 1963, Imi Litchenfield developed and refined his own methods of self-defense and hand-to-hand combat while training Israeli soldiers in those same techniques. During that period, he personally qualified the best fighters of the most elite units of the Israel Defense Forces.

In 1972, the first civilian course for the martial art was created for anybody to learn it. Krav Maga rapidly became an integral part of elementary and high school education for Israeli youth, and a national form of self-defense meant to empower all Israeli citizens as they tended to their day to day activities in sometimes volatile and dangerous surroundings. It is of great importance that people interested in training in Krav Maga research schools and instructors; Imi’s art is a belted Martial Art, not an art determined by levels. Any school owner or instructor who has no teacher and therefore does not train cannot be considered a teacher of Krav Maga.

Below is a list of the levels and belts used to identify Krav Maga ranking. Please keep in mind that timelines are approximates only, as each Krav Maga student will advance at a different pace depending on the individual readiness and how often he or she trains.

Level 1-Testing for Yellow Belt Level (About four months)

Level 2-Testing for Orange Belt Level (About six months)

Level 3-Testing for Green Belt Level (About nine months)

Level 4-Testing for Blue Belt Level (About nine months)

Level 5-Testing for Brown and Black Belt Level (About twelve months)

Krav Maga is separated from different martial arts. Look at karate, taekwondo, boxing, jujitsu, etc. They are all competitive in what they do. They try to score points, try in kick or punch somebody as many times as possible. Krav Maga trains to fight to defend yourself. They train to do maximum damage on an individual. They aren’t designed to fight the same weight class, same sex, or even against only one person. They prepare for “war”. In the end in not about competition, it’s about survival.


Roy Elghanayan, the only person to be twice named Israeli Krav Maga National Champion, is recognized worldwide as the preeminent expert in authentic Israeli Krav Maga. While serving in the Israeli Special Forces, Roy was handpicked to create a Krav Maga Defense Tactics Program for elite units and divisions that is still in use today. He has also been personally recognized by the 18th Chief of Staff (Dan Halutz) of the Israeli Defense Forces for his abilities in hand to hand combat. Roy Elghanayan Krav Maga is a direct result of all of these achievements and his more than two decades of experience. He is the best practitioner for Krav Maga.

The mindset that is instilled when learning Krav Maga is one thing. Disarm, Disable, and Destroy the enemy. The training is emphasized with aggression, speed, and skill. It’s not something to mess around with once you are good at it. Think of it like a gun, it’s a weapon.


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